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                 Q: How can I purchase originals or prints?
My Bigcartel and ETSY SHOP are good places to start. If you're in Saint Augustine, FL you can visit Zora Bora
                     Gallery at 28 Cuna Street for a selection of originals and prints anytime. If you are looking for a particular piece,
                     send me an EMAIL and I will let you know where it is and how to make the purchase. If you are anywhere in Florida,
                     you can probably catch me at a comic convention or art fair and make purchases in person. See the EXHIBITS page
                     for show dates.

                     Q: Do you accept commissions?
I am not currently accepting commissions. I apologize for any inconvenience.

                 Q: Where do I get the iPhones cases with your art on them?
Those are at RedBubble and SOCIETY 6 along with totes, throw pillows, prints, and more.

                     Q: Where did you go to art school?
I did not attend art school. I have an AA degree in humanities, actually. I had a senior mentor in middle school
                     who worked with me and one other student on Wednesday afternoons for a few weeks, then took art classes in
                     high school. I had one commercial illustration class in college and one oil painting class which I failed for excessive
                     absences and incomplete projects. My art experience was achieved during countless hours of sketching and
                     drinking coffee in Denny's restaurants. I began to refine my drawing abilities with a tattoo apprenticeship and
                     making band posters for myself and friends.

                 Q: Are you a tattoo artist?
I received a tattoo apprenticeship at Alaska Tattoo starting in 1994. I tattooed on the road for a while and then
                    stopped tattooing to play music and run a couple of retail businesses. My wife and I opened Covenant Tattoo
                    in Colorado and then we sold our shop and I put my tattoo career aside to make art and exhibit full time.

              Q: Where do you get your ideas?
Vivid dreams, marine life, video games, personal problems, my faith, music, cryptozoology, people-watching, and God.

              Q: Are you a Christian?
Yes. I believe Jesus was and is who he says.

              If you have any other questions, feel free to EMAIL them to me.


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